Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Need to RANT!

Ok let's see where to begin...

First I should tell you what I do. I work in a call center I use to be a Call Center Agent(Customer Service Rep) taking catalog order for a company called Boden. Good company, good quality products and very nice people in general. I have recently in the past 2 or 3 months been moved over to doing returns for the company. I like doing can get aggravating, but I like doing it. Well I just had a sit down with Monster B( I will call my boss this.) and My Supervisor( Love this women, she is really nice and helpful) Monster B told me that she didn't think I was doing a good job and that she is going to give me a week and we will see what happens. Ok, I can deal with that. Well I already know that I can not increase my work load by double in a week. I will be moving on to Admin work as they call it. Which includes calling people about there credit cards declining and not be able to be charged at all and they have the clothing. Which I will not mind doing, Monster B thinks I will be good at it, she tells me I have a great voice for this, kind and caring she tells me. LOL
So, for the past month I have done nothing good enough for her. One thing she didn't put on her sheet was the time I did over 300 slips(we have to do 420 slips a day, Mind you this is my first data entry job. I think I am doing damn good!) I over look that because if you correct this women oh man. She won't have it. I remember going up to her the day I did over 300 skips and saying," I did really good today, I did over 300 slips" she says,"Still isn't 420". I was thinking "Damn, I am new at this, That's not doing good?! A little credit here would be nice!" I just can't stand her period.

Onto what happened yesterday and then what happened today.

OK, So yesterday the other new girl (which I am compared to, even though Monster B says she does not. I have heard other wise.) and I get into work she got there 2 hrs before me. she had made a good size dent in our work already. I was like good job! We went on about are business talking and doing are work. Then 2 hrs later the King of the Returns comes in(Our nickname for this guy, because of Monster B) He looks at C's (this is what I will call her) paper and says,"Damn what time did you get in?" She goes," 9 this morning". He seeing that she might just out do him today takes it upon himself to start taking more then one container at a time(Which is not aloud because of him!) Well C and I were not going to let that happen we both tell him to put them back and take one. Well he didn't at first until she got up to go tell someone. He put it back. Well C told the wrong person, she told the client, which was in from London on a check up visit. When Monster B got in M( My old Supervisor) told her about it, Not knowing that Monster B would get mad. Oh boy, now Monster B,C and M went IN THE ROOM( The room where we here bad news). She basically told her that The King of Returns can do whatever he wants because no matter what he does 8 or 30 containers he rocks. Even though if there are calls in que and we have to answer them, which means we can't be doing are work. He is the best in our department. So, we both were a little pissed off, L(my Supervisor) and D (Other girl in the department) were not in to tell him like it is. So C ended up doing close to 700 slips yesterday and left at 9:30 last night, I did 304 slips on top of other things I had to do ( counting the new work that came in which took me 3 hrs. We got over 2,500 slips of work in yesterday!) plus stayed tell 11pm.

Now today. The Clients leave to go back to London. They are saying there good bye's and see you all in a few weeks.(They come like once a month!) As they are going along both of them stop at The Kings cubical and Monster B Brags about what he did the night before he did this amount of slips and he stay to help on the phone (WHOA he took 4 freakin calls! ) Then as a group the rest of us got thanked for a good job. What Monster B doesn't do is come and Brag on what C did. She did a damn good job for being NEW to the company! Nope The King hold the returns department together not the rest of us. We have a low error rate all the rest of us. We find his mistakes ALL THE TIME!!!! He so is not the king! Jerk! I just want to punch him and Monster B. Not fare to not show the New shinning star in the department. I hate bosses that Favor another person over everyone else. Not Fare!

Then I am not feeling good I have been up 3 times today to use the restroom. So I was handing her my paper and telling her I had to leave, she is like Why?! I said I don't feel good and I have been up and down using the restroom all day. That made me mad. I don't feel good and I don't want to be here. I am running a fever too. Not sure what is wrong. Everyone there is sick so...BLAH!

OK done ranting now!

I had to get that off my chest.

* Sorry if there are grammar or spelling errors not to good at those kind of things.*

Much love and Cyber Hugs.

Queen E

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