Thursday, January 17, 2008



It's been forever since the last time I posted.

Well the end of last year was I think the worst it has ever been. I injured my back and also sprung my ankle. Right after a good little Thanksgiving get away to my Moms. Joy!

How I hurt it was I was getting out of bed and I heard a pop. I thought well that is not good. So I waited a couple of days then went to the ER. Which the day before I went I twisted my ankle. I had the worst experience with a hospital I have ever had. The damn Doctor was watching football when I was trying to explain what happened. He seem very uninterested in what I or Justin had to say. So he had them do X-Rays on my back and my ankle. He was going to do anything about my back, but I demanded that he take X-Rays just to be safe. So the Nurse takes me to X-Rays. I get there and the Tech leaves the damn door open while he gets me on the table and only closes it a little when he starts. At this point I was livid. So I am on my side and a freaking guy walks through saying laughing mind you " You busy?" No you damn idiot I am not laying here. So they finish he takes me back. There is a male nurse watching football waiting for me to return to splint my ankle. He does that and turns off the TV and walks out the room. The nurse comes back gives me pills and tells me to get dressed. As Justin helps me to get dressed, he fills me in on what the doctor has to say. Yes, I did not see him after the first time. He told everything to Justin. So now Justin and I were livid say we are NEVER COMING HERE AGAIN! So I go home and more shit hits the fan not but two weeks later. My job calls me telling me they can no longer hold me job for me. So they are telling me I have to resign. At first I was like no freaking way am I going to resign that is not far. They pulled the well we can because you have not been employed here for a year, even though technically I have! They just don't count the first three months I was there. So,I took a week to think about it before I turned in the letter.

Thank God that I have Aflac. It is helping so far. I haven't gotten the big disability check yet because my ex-employers are being a**es about dates. There saying my termination date was 2 days before I hurt my back. Well I have been in close contact with my Aflac agent, so he knows all that has happened. So that make it three weeks after it happened that I resigned. So I am waiting for that paperwork to get straighten out.

So, I am out of a job and have a herniated disc in my back.

My Step-Moms calls and asks if I would like to watch her house for her while she and my Step- Brother are in New York for Christmas. I said what the heck I need the money. So Justin and I went over there the Saturday before Christmas. Because he had to work Christmas Eve I was alone for Christmas, we did not have the money for to keep coming across the state. Same deal for New Years. I was a little depressed. My Step-Mom and brother got home New Years Eve so I wasn't alone for that. =D I used her pool while I was over there to help with my back. It has help I am feel a little better.

Justin and I decided that it is time to move out of this Crap Hole of an apartment we are in and move four hours north to Palm Coast where my Mother and my Family lives. So the end of February is when we have to be out by. So that is what is on are plates now. FUN! I hate moving, but this is going to be a good one. I hate it down here and I am missing watching my Niece Bella grow up. She will be a Year on February 3. I can't believe it has already been a year. She has been through a lot in a year. She had eye surgery to correct premature eye muscles in her left eye. Now that all that is taken care of things like crawling, walking and talking have improved. She has seven teeth and boy does she have an attitude like her Mommy I hear. LOL She is so beautiful! I love her to death!

Well I think that is a good enough update on my end. Love and Hugs to you all!

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