Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Day I became an Aunt to my beautiful Niece Bella...

I remember the Day My sister Jessie told me.

I was napping and the phone rings, my boyfriend Justin picks up the phone and I guess Jess asked to talk to me, so he gave me the phone and I said " Hello" She said " Hi, Aunt Erin" I was like wait a minute are you trying to tell me something? She was like maybe. I sat up at that moment and said "YOU ARE PREGNANT AREN'T YOU?!" She said "YES!"I was like OMG! NOWAY! LOL I was so happy for her. I had a huge smile on my face. I told Justin he is going to be an Uncle. He was happy to, but not as much as me. I couldn't get the smile off my face for the rest of the following week.

The next thing she told me is that I am going to be the Godmother. She said "Well, I was laying here thinking who is going to be the Godmother and then I thought Duh ERIN! So, I thanked her for the gracious title of Aunt/Godmother. LOL

Now the wait. For news and picture's of My Little sister's belly growing with my beautiful baby niece.

After talks on the phone and through pictures on webshots. It came time for he to be born. I so badly wanted to be there. I was not able to be their and everyone understood. See I live four hours away so my trips to see everyone are limited. It kills me because I am am a huge close nit family person. The phone call came from my Mom letting me know Jessie was in labor and at the hospital. Then comes the wait for news of a healthy baby and Mother. It came from my Aunt Janet. My mom called her to call me and tell me. I was at my friends house so Justin gave her the number there. I was so extactic when I got the news.

So like two weeks or was it a week, Can't remember when I got to see this beautiful little baby. I couldn't wait to get up there I was fidgeting in the car. It was a surprise for everyone. I said I was not able to come up like I had planned when I talked to my sister. hehehe Well we get there and well we had to rent a car so my mom does not know it is me. She was talking to my dad on the phone and I hear her say I think Jessie is back, then she was like wait no I don't know who it is. Then I get closer and she is like OMG IT IS ERIN! He comes back with WHO? She goes Erin and wait Justin are here. I had a huge smile on my face. Dad goes I better bring dinner home then. She gave me a big hug and kisses. She was like OMG! Then will busts through the door and gives me this huge hug. We get inside. Sit down. Then she asks does Jessie know. I was like no noone knew. =D So she says shhhhh don't talk. She called Jessie she didn't pick up. Left a message for her to call. Called her again and told her this is really important when you get this message call. So she calls and Moms says you and Robert and the baby have to back come over. So Justin and I are put in the bedrooms when she gets there and Well I guess Justin followed my dad to the door, Because all I hear is OMG What are you doing here. Then I hear ok if you are here WHERE IS SHE!? So I come out of my little brothers room and she tackles me. We hug and hug and hug. Then I say where is my little Niece. She takes her out of the car seat and OMG she is SO TINY! I knew she was 5lbs and 5onz But dang she is tiny. So I hold her and then it is Justin's turn which he is a little hesitant, because she is so small. he doesn't want to hurt her he tells me. I say no Baby hold her. I stayed with my sister while we were there.

The trip ends way to fast. I don't want to let her or my family go. I cry on the way home.

There you have it.

Much Love

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Sugar Queens Dream said...

Good post honey. I'm learning as I go here in Blog world. Watch your grammar errors. I will be posting new photos soon.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Come visit my blog soon, I have something for you. The post name is Something wonderful is in the air....

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