Monday, July 23, 2007


It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general.

After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think– if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. ****

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other. ****

3. Don’t let money change ya! ****

4. Always reply to your comments**

5.Blog about what you know & love.*

I am new here so I don't have anyone to tag. =(


Shinade said...

Well welcome to the neighborhood---and never fear --- you will get tagged many times---and Judy at Sugar queen's tagged me for you--:)as a matter of fact you will eventually resort to my latest effort---I now have a plaque that reads Tag Free Zone...I am so pleased you visited so that I could get a chance to read a little about you. you have a lovely blog and I am joining your neighborhood as soon as this post is complete...which is now~Jackie

Sugar Queens Dream said...

OK Change the Neonscent link to this

About Me

I am a Big Beautiful Women! I love myself and I always will! I am a sweet and caring person. I like spending time with my boyfriend Justin. I like reading books and watching movies. I am Sugar Queens Dream's Oldest. I love My Momma very much! She is one funny Women too! Go check her out. See ya.